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     To live life in ignorance (which is to ignore the living Truth of what actually is so), is to remain unaware of the Presence of Pure Awareness within. And the longer we remain unaware, the longer we allow what the Buddha called the sorrow of life to hold sway. The sorrow of life is the sum and consequence of attachments to the world, as conceived of Mind, to the exclusion of Truth.                                                                                                                                                        In this, his most recent work, JC offers a profoundly enlightened perspective on the nature of Mind, Pure Consciousness, and enlightened Being. He notes that Pure Conscious Awareness is not found in concepts of Mind, but is a knowing that Awakens of its own volition, as attachments to the world, as conceived of Mind, pass away.                                                                               Integrating  discoveries of modern science with teachings of enlightened Beings from cultures around the world, JC sets forth in clear and understandable language the difference between the functioning of Mind, which is conceptual, and the Presence of that which is Other than Mind, which is non-conceptual. He points out that Awakening unto the Reality of Pure Presence is a profound shift of perception away from concepts of Mind unto Pure Awareness, which is Other than concepts of Mind, Other than the illusion of separateness. Awakening unto this Presence is what enlightened Beings have pointed to since ancient times as the essential purpose of humankind.                                                                                                                                                           From the first page to the last, JC systematically peels away the means by which the illusion of separateness holds sway through attachment to various and sundry constructs of Mind. In doing so, he ultimately reveals that Pure Awareness is not a concept of Mind. Nor is Pure Awareness an experience that occurs outside the context of Mind or in another dimension beyond space and time. But rather, Pure Awareness is that which is Aware of all concepts and experiences, as they arise in Consciousness – Now.                                                                                                                                    

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       Experiences are likewise of Mind, just as concepts, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are of Mind, and as such, cannot go beyond Mind. Awakening unto the Ineffable, therefore, is not an experience. The fact that Pure Awareness is Ineffable implies that such cannot be experienced. The experience appears in Awareness. Awareness never appears in the experience because Awareness is not an object of Mind. One is Aware of all that appears in Consciousness because Awareness is Present in all that arises in Consciousness. Awakening unto this Presence is what enlightened Beings have pointed to since ancient times as the essential purpose of humankind.                                            

         This work is designed to potentially trigger Awakenings within those who engage it seriously – with open minds and hearts – and thus, become Aware of Being Aware.  

Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier

Enhanced Commentary from the Acclaimed Video Series

Including Visual Illustrations

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Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier

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