Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier

NOTE: To those who watch attentively, Episode Three is specifically designed to trigger an Awakening, which is a profound shift of perception that dispels the illusion of separateness - of a separate "me" and a separate "you" - as conceived of Mind.  

"I've been on a spiritual path all my life beginning with orthodox Christianity ... but am now a student of Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Mooji, and others, while also teaching worldwide. I've read the Bhagavad Gita some, devoured the Tao te Ching and some Upanishads, but I"ve never heard or seen anything that brought it all together like you have with these videos on Pure Consciousness. Your videos speak so deeply and real within me. Still reveling in the awareness of Consciousness. With great gratitude - thank you!"                                                                                                                                   Dr. David Alsobrook

  To the right is Episode Three:

​"The Nature of Enlightened Being"

Viewer Testimonials: 

​"[These videos] are amazing! They conveys nicely through the use of words and images that which can only be shown through the direct experience of pure consciousness."                                                                                                                                 Robert Cuthill

"I listen to and enjoy your ... videos ... I walk and listen every day ... Peter Russell, Robert Lanza ... and others. Yours is among the best.                                                                                                                                                Charlie Farren - Singer/Songwriter/Musician

  To the right is Episode One

"Consciousness Manifesting as   Space and Time."

       Below is Episode Two: 

"The Nature of Mind Part I"

       Below is Episode Two

"The Nature of Mind Part II"

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Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier

A Three Episode Video Series on the Nature of Consciousness by JC Tefft​

In this three episode video series - posted for viewing below - JC offers an in-depth overview of the nature of Consciousness, as well as the Source out of which all manifestations arise. He notes that Pure Consciousness, as pointed to by enlightened sages since ancient times, is not found through concepts of Mind, but is a "knowing" that Awakens, as attachments to the world, as conceived of Mind, pass away. Using findings of modern physics as a guide, JC sets forth in understandable terms how universal Mind works, and to Awaken unto that which is beyond Mind is to recognize, through a profound shift in perception, that the world, as conceived of Mind, is not the living Truth of what actually is so.

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This Site is Dedicated to Awakening unto Pure Conscious Awareness Worldwide

The Power of Awakening Transforms the World

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“The purpose of these works is not just to satisfy the inquiring mind regarding the nature of Consciousness, but more importantly to aid in the viewer’s own discovery of the living Truth of what actually is so. Awakening to the Light of Truth involves a movement away from identification with concepts of mind unto a Pure Awareness beyond mind, beyond egoic illusions of a separate entity called "me." Awakening to this Truth is what enlightened beings have pointed to since ancient times as the essential purpose of humankind.”

Here's what JC says about these works:

Video Episodes

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