Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier


Future "Lessons" on the nature of Pure Awareness are currently on hold until all "Video Episodes" entitled: Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier have been completed. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned.


"Manifestations of Mind"
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Upon completion of his three episode video series, JC will periodically make available, one-by-one, a series of Video Lessons specifically focused on a topic or aspect of the larger work. Lessons, including animated illustrations will be posted for viewing here, as they are developed. If you would like to be notified when new postings are made available for viewing on line you can subscribe to this site by clicking the "Subscribe" tab above.  

‚ÄčLesson 1 entitled "Manifestations of Mind" posted below speaks to the nature of thought and how it obscures the truth of who we truly are.

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Video Lessons by JC Tefft

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