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"The book, The Christ is NOT a Person: The Evolution of Consciousness and the Destiny of Man was five years in the making. While in the process of writing TCINAP, which essentially points to the evolution of Consciousness along with Conscious Awareness, as pointed to by enlightened beings of ancient times, it showed that upon completion of that work one might turn one's attention toward writing and producing a series of video presentations that would correlate the findings of modern science with revelations in Pure Conscious Awareness since ancient times in an attempt to peel away the veil of manifested creation that tends to obscure the living Truth of what actually is so in the Present Moment - Now. This three episode video series, which is now complete, can be viewed free of charge under the "Video Episodes" tab above." 

"The purpose of these works is not merely to satisfy the inquiring mind regarding the nature of evolving Consciousness, but more importantly to aid in the viewer’s own discovery of the living Truth of what actually is so. Awakening unto this Light involves a movement away from egoic attachments to manifestations of Mind unto the Light of Pure Awareness that is Other than Mind or beyond Mind.  Awakening unto this Reality, which is Absolute Reality, is what enlightened beings have pointed to since ancient times as the essential purpose of humankind.”

Here's what JC says about​ these works:

This new “level” of Pure Conscious Awareness Awakening within humankind is the Primary Reality that underlies ALL that appears in Consciousness.  In the various presentations exhibited here JC explores the nature of the manifested and un-manifested universe, as revealed by Pure Awareness Itself.  In this groundbreaking work, JC also explores the nature of Awakening and enlightened Being, which he says is the ultimate purpose and destiny of humankind. In doing so, he unveils the means by which a living, breathing, holistically integrated, intelligently designed universe appears out of a ground state of Consciousness that is the root of all manifestations of Mind - and beyond.

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The Power of Awakening Transforms the World

What is Consciousness and To What End is Consciousness Evolving?

What generates perceptions, images, thoughts, and emotions that arise of Mind? And what is Aware of it all, as such arises in Consciousness? Philosophers call it “the hard problem of consciousness.” Physicists call it “the most difficult, unsolved problem of science?” Enlightened sages point to a new "level" of Conscious Awareness that is beyond the purview of Mind. Because Pure Awareness cannot be sought, grasped, conceived, or adequately described, while that which arises in Pure Awareness can be sought, grasped, conceived, and described, how is one made Aware of the Totality of Consciousness expressing in the Present Moment - Now - without the objectivity of Mind in play?

According to JC Tefft, "Science cannot describe that which can only be realized within by means of Awakening unto Awareness Itself and thus becoming Aware of being Aware. Consequently, today’s scientific paradigm remains incomplete until Pure Awareness is recognized as the underlying Source out of which all material phenomena appear. Absent Awareness, no-thing appears”

Consciousness is typically defined in terms of manifestations of Mind, characterized as perceptions and thoughts that generate a conceptualized view of the universe and the world per interpretations of Mind. But enlightened sages since ancient times have pointed to a new “level” of Pure Conscious Awareness that is beyond thought, beyond concept, beyond  mental constructs of Mind that is now Awakening, like a budding flower, within humankind.

The Power of Awakening Transforms the World

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