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Article #5:

A Testament to an Awakening:

​​The Following is an Inquiry posted by a subscriber to the “Community Forum” to which JC gave a detailed response, the entirety of which is posted here, as well

​AURELIUS WROTE: JC - I recently experienced an "awakening" of sorts brought on by a medical situation. I was then moved to write this note on Facebook. I was wondering if you could read it and share any thoughts or insights you might have on the topic. Thanks.

"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."
- Shug Avery in The Color Purple

​The Universe is always whispering to us. Most of the time we don't hear it because we are too busy with other things. One of the advantages of being sick (yes, there are a few) is that some of the outside noise and static goes away and you hear what the Universe is saying more clearly.

I found out a few days ago that I am missing chromosome 13. That probably seems like an odd, random fact until I also tell you that 50% of people with Multiple Myeloma are missing chromosome 13. When the doctor told me I was stunned for a moment because I really thought my disease was due to environmental issues involving hurricanes and old buildings. Suddenly, I was faced with the fact that I was meant to get this disease from before I was born. The missing chromosome is a mutation, and not inherited, so I was specifically chosen for this journey. This epiphany caused an amazing vision in which I saw the whole Universe spread over space and time and how everything was interconnected with everything else. Nothing is random. Time is an illusion and everything has already been written. Just because you are on chapter six does not mean that chapter seven doesn't exist yet. I think this hypothesis is also supported scientifically. The Universe is very orderly and predictable from everything we understand. If all of the billions of people on this planet were constantly making random choices then the Universe would be a lot more chaotic. But if we are simply playing parts in a great novel then what is our purpose in creation?

In my circle, a common way of thought is that each of us is a spark of the Divine Consciousness and that through many incarnations we are evolving back to the whole by realizing our divine nature and shedding our egos. It sounds good and enlightened but upon reflection I do not find it to be the pure truth. Our souls are never disconnected from The One and never lose their perfection. Our egos in each incarnation are simply costumes that are discarded at death. A whole new ego and set of characteristics encase the always perfect soul at the next incarnation according to the new role we will play. So that brings me back to the question, what is our purpose in creation?

It was revealed to me in a moment of clarity that we are the eyes and ears of the Divine. Cosmic Consciousness needs our eyes to see the beautiful mountains and oceans it created and our ears to hear the ecstatic harmonies that resonate throughout creation. God is No-thing but stillness, pure love, joy and obviously a creative force. It needs our senses to perceive and enjoy what it has created. We are interconnected in a symbiotic relationship between The One and Creation. So play your role with the skill and gusto of a Laurence Olivier. Be the best You that you can be and always accept your fate. It was already written by the best author around. And never, ever walk by the color purple in a field without admiring it. 

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Article #4:

Physics, Philosophy, or Enlightenment: Is One More Valid than Another?

​What follows are pertinent parts of a Scientific American article written by Professor/Philosopher Meinard Kuhlmann, addressing the question – “quantum field theory … why so much controversy?” Following this article, per the request of a third party, JC responds to Professor Kuhlmann’s observations, pointing out that regardless of the discipline studied, scientific inquiry, by its very nature, fails to recognize that Consciousness underlies ALL discovery, whether scientific or not.

​The following are pertinent parts of Professor Kuhlmann’s argument:

“How can there be so much fundamental controversy about a theory that is as empirically successful as quantum field theory? The answer is straightforward. Although the theory tells us what we can measure, it speaks in riddles when it comes to the nature of whatever entities give rise to our observations. The theory accounts for our observations in terms of quarks, muons, photons and sundry quantum fields, but it does not tell us what a photon or a quantum field really is. And it does not need to, because theories of physics can be empirically valid largely without settling such metaphysical questions.”

                                                                                                                                                   Read More:   (Incl. JC's Response)

Article #3

Does the Universe have a Purpose?

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by the Templeton Foundation to answer the "unanswerable" question (their word, not mine), does the universe have a purpose? A student subsequently sent me a link to Dr. Tyson’s reply and asked if I disagreed with him? What follows is my response tailored to pertinent parts of Dr. Tyson’s commentary.

JCT’s Opening Response:

First, please allow me to point out that it would be trite and meaningless for me to respond “yes” or “no” to your inquiry, as to whether I agree or disagree with Dr. Tyson's  commentary, because what I “think” doesn’t truly matter. Nor does it matter what anyone else “thinks” might be an answer to this question, including Dr. Tyson.

Better to look at the question, as well as Dr. Tyson’s response more closely to see if we can come to a “realization” of what the “answer” might actually be. To “realize” means, to be made REAL in you by means of AWARNESS OF WHAT ACTUALLY IS. To “think” is to perceive and conceptualize and thereby limit what actually might be real or true with respect to the WHOLE of Creation. I say this because there’s a difference between one “level” of conscious awareness and another, one being conceptual and the other being non-conceptual. Conceptual awareness has been arising within humankind for millions of years, therefore is now highly developed. The non-conceptual, or what I and others sometimes call Pure Awareness, is a more recent phenomenon that appeared in its first full flowering in the likes of the Buddha and Lao Tzu approximately 2600 years ago, along with Jesus some 500 years later, thus is newly arising and therefore not well developed within humankind, even today.
Article #2

The Evolution of Consciousness from a Scientific Perspective

Today, from a scientific perspective, we now know that in its earliest stages the universe was essentially an expression of non-complex forms, such as atoms, molecules, liquids, and gasses that over time evolved into more complex forms, such as minerals, cells, organisms, and species. Scientists have also discovered that in conjunction with the evolution of physical forms, so also various ‘levels’ of conscious Awareness evolved with significant milestones expressing via Plants, then Animals, and finally Man. Scientists describe the ‘level’ of Awareness that arose in conjunction with Plants in terms of sensitivity to not only the Source of Life, but also the immediate environment in which Plants live – an Awareness that responds to what is good for a species to grow and evolve, and what is not.

Article #1

The Evolution of Consciousness as Recorded in Ancient Times

When considering the underlying meaning and message of ancient scripture from the standpoint of evolving Consciousness, biblical stories reveal that the flowering of conscious Awareness amidst the Hebrew tribes was less about a ‘chosen people’ searching for their ‘promised land’ and more about a transformational progression within certain personages in Hebrew society from lower to higher ‘levels’ of conscious Awareness in their lifetime and in generations that followed. First one, then two, then four, and so on down the line, as an ever-growing number began to awaken unto the Light until at one point, in an instant, a sort of ‘grand mal’ awakening occurred in the person of Jesus wherein attachments to mental constructs of Mind collapsed entirely. Two others that we know of, the Buddha in India and Lao Tzu in China, were similarly transformed more than five centuries before.  

The following two articles offer a summary overview of the unfolding of Consciousness and conscious Awareness through time. Two points of view are presented - one from the point of view of the ancient mind; the other from a modern scientific perspective. Note how similar they are with respect to fundamental, core truths even though the imagery and language are dissimilar.


“Pure Awareness is not an expansion of self-awareness, but is a wholly different reality from that which is realized by self. Pure Awareness is as distinct from self-awareness, which is rooted in thought, as self-awareness is distinct from the simple-awareness of the Animal. Just as an animal born into simple-awareness cannot engage in self-conscious thinking, so also humankind cannot think or reason their way into Pure Awareness of the Whole. For this reason, it is impossible to communicate or pass on the living Truth of Pure Awareness by means of knowledge, concepts, or ideas. Pure Consciousness arises out of Pure Awareness Itself. Even so, all ‘levels’ of conscious awareness are unalterably integrated and therefore dependent upon the other. Enlightened beings speak of this integrated, interdependent reality in terms of the Oneness of the Universe or the Wholeness of Creation."                                                                               JC Tefft

​“Over the past several thousand years an ever-growing number of people are experiencing liberation from bondage to the world, as conceived of Mind, as Pure Awareness Awakens from within. Realizations in Pure Awareness occur when the egoic self is rightly aligned (or in righteousness, to use the Biblical term) with the Presence of the Holy Spirit (or Pure Consciousness, to use a modern-day term) and thereby in service to the Power of the Creative Spirit or the Power of NOW, as a Whole. What we call God is not, as the ancients thought, a supernatural Deity who meddles in human affairs, but is the Whole of Creation, including manifested and un-manifested expression, acting as ONE.”
JC Tefft

“Coming to an enlightened understanding of the nature of Pure Consciousness is not a question of accepting or rejecting any particular religious tradition or belief, but is a question of discovering Truth in one’s own life, while here on Earth NOW. Living Truth, which is Truth realized NOW, is as accessible today as it was in ancient times. To discover living Truth, therefore, is to discover the same Truth that came to life in enlightened sages of olden times. While Consciousness appears to unfold over time from on egocentric point of view, the Source out of which all manifestations arise remains constant, untouched and unchanged by the vagaries of time.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      JC Tefft

“The ending of sorrow does not come about through adherence to any system, method, ritual, or belief; nor is there a path to enlightenment. Sorrow ends at the moment there is a clear realization of Truth, a clear realization of what is – within you. To realize Truth, the mind must be free of any and all systems of belief, which is to be, as the Buddha put it, in the ‘highest state.’ This requires that no interpretation, no opinion, no idea, no belief, and no judgment be in the way. It requires a mind that is free of all that. In that state of mind – the highest state – sorrow ends.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  JC Tefft

"The so-called unseen, unknown dimension of world is nothing more than Consciousness of which we are unaware. Unawareness in Consciousness has been evolving or Awakening unto Awareness in Consciousness since the universe began."                             JC Tefft

​“From the perspective of ‘self,’ as Conscious Awareness awakens, humans ‘experience’ an inner transformation from a more  limited self-awareness, which is rooted in thought, into an unlimited Pure Awareness that is beyond thought. Evolutionarily, this transformation from self-awareness unto Pure Awareness might be likened to when a butterfly leaves its cocoon."
                                                                 JC Tefft 

"The universe is comprised of space and non-space, time and no time, stillness and vibration, outer and inner, seen and unseen, aware and unaware, all of which arises out of One Source commonly called God. We can say, therefore, that God is the ALL, the BEYOND ALL, and the IN ALL of WHAT IS."                                                                                             JC Tefft

​“The longer we remain unaware of what is flowering within us; of what drives us and what can liberate us from the bonds of egocentric behavior and activity, the longer what the Buddha called the sorrow of life holds sway. The sorrow of life is the sum and consequence of our total identification with the world, as conceived of Mind.”        JC Tefft

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Articles & Quotes

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Awakening unto Living Truth

(From Preface of book entitled, Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier)

         Because concepts are rooted in duality, each concept is aligned with a polar opposite concept in conjunction with the originating concept arising in Consciousness. The concept of “duality,” for instance, is aligned with the polar opposite concept of “non-duality.” Likewise, the concept of “conceptual awareness” is aligned with the polar opposite concept of “non-conceptual awareness.”  The concepts of non-duality and non-conceptual, however, are not the living Reality of Awakening unto Pure (non-dualistic, non-conceptual) Awareness because the words duality/non-duality and conceptual/non-conceptual represent concepts of Mind and as such, are not that which is Aware of concepts, as they arise.  This is why enlightened Beings, both ancient and new, continually point out that the living Truth of what actually is so cannot be written or spoken in words, but can only be realized in the Present moment from within.
        Pure Awareness is not a concept of Mind. Nor is Pure Awareness a thought, feeling, emotion, or experience that occurs beyond the purview of Mind, but rather, Pure Awareness is that which is Aware of concepts, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, as they arise in Consciousness. That which is Purely Aware is sometimes said to be the Other because Pure Awareness is Other than all that appears in Consciousness. And that which is Aware of all that appears in Consciousness is not experienced, but is Present in all that arises in Consciousness.
        The Ineffable cannot be experienced, which means Pure Awareness cannot be experienced. One doesn’t experience Pure Awareness, One is simply Aware. The fact that Pure Awareness is Ineffable, which literally means “unable to be expressed in words,” implies that Pure Awareness cannot be experienced. The experience appears in Pure Awareness. Pure Awareness does not appear in the experience because Awareness is not an object of Mind.
       When one Awakens unto Pure Awareness, one Awakens unto the Presence of Pure Awareness – Now. Such Presence is of Pure Awareness, not of Mind, and Pure Awareness is what is Aware. Plants, animals, and humans are not Aware – Pure Awareness is Aware. Pure Awareness is not a "thing," a "God particle," an “entity,” or an “object” of Mind, just as the Source of All is not a "thing," a "particle," an “entity,” or an "object" of any kind. Objects appear in Awareness, but Awareness does not appear in objects of Mind.
          The realization of this fact is the end of the illusion of separateness, the end of duality, the death of attachments to egoic points of view, the loss of self, and the end of searching for that which is not found in concepts of Mind, but is none other than the living Truth of what actually is so.  

                                                                                                                                                                                   JC Tefft
                                                                                                                                                                                   May, 2016

                                                                                   What is Love?

While speaking on the topic, “What is Love?” Krishnamurti once said, “If I tell you what Love is, will you then know Love? In that moment – suddenly – a mini Awaking occurred revealing that Love is inexpressible in conceptual terms because words are not the actual and the Actuality of Love cannot be circumscribed by a concept of Mind.

Tis with some reticence, therefore, that I now respond to the question, “What is Love?” knowing full well that it is impossible, as noted above, to define or describe the Truth of Love in conceptual terms, for words cannot touch that which lies beyond the purview of Mind.

Before taking the plunge, however, let us first acknowledge what Love is NOT.

Love is NOT a belief or position or state of Mind one holds to, for all such points of view are rooted in concepts of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love is NOT knowledge, for knowledge is rooted in concepts of Mind and concepts cannot Love, nor can concepts bring Love or Peace into the heart or mind of humankind and thereby into the world. 

Love is NOT memory, regardless of what the memory might be, for memory is rooted in Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love is NOT attraction or desire, regardless of what the attraction or desire might be, for attraction and desire are an outgrowth of identification with concepts of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love is NOT relationship, one to another, for relationship is rooted in thought and thought is a product of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love is NOT experience, for experience is born of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.  

Love is NOT a commodity that can be held onto, built up, or given to another for all such objects and/or intentions are born of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of Love. 

Love is NOT selective – this versus that – for all such division is born of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love. 

Love is NOT devotion, whether to a cause, practice, person, or symbol, for Love has no agenda, no motive, no intended outcome, all of which is the product of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love is neither good nor bad, healthy or unhealthy, easy or difficult, for all such belief or experience is the stuff of Mind, as dualistically conceived of Mind and Mind, of itself, is incapable of realizing Love.

Love cannot be taught, one to another, as if a concept of Mind that is passed on through space and time.

Love is NOT a behavior that one identifies with over time, for the stuff of Mind cannot touch that which is beyond space and time.

                                                                       So, what is Love - Actually?

The Truth of Love underlies and thereby inspires harmony and accord within the Universe, as a Whole.

Sorrow, which is the sum and consequence of identification with the stuff of Mind, is the fruit of disharmony in oneself and thereby in the world. Absent sorrow, Love IS.

Freedom from sorrow allows the movement of compassion for all that appears in the Universe to express freely. And where there is compassion, there is Love.

Love is unknowable, therefore can only BE in the Present Moment – Now. Love is thereby vital, fresh, uplifting, and new.

Love has no opposite, but is Present in every moment, as Life unfolds and evolves.

Love has no ambition or agenda or goal to become, possess, achieve or attain anything at all.

There is nothing one can “do” to find Love. Love simply IS in the Present Moment – full stop, end of story.

Love alone brings Peace, Joy, Bliss, and Realizations of that which is Actual in the Present Moment – Now.  

Awakening unto that which is Other than Mind is the birth of Love – Love of the Actual and All that appears as the Universe, absent judgement of any kind.

Love is an aspect of living Truth. Absent Realization of Love is absent Realization of Truth.

Love is beyond experience, beyond pleasure, beyond desire, beyond emotion, beyond every-and-all aspects of Mind. Absent the known in play, Love blossoms and inspires naturally and abundantly, as intended, as Life unfolds and evolves. 

Love is unconditional, and unconditional Love is not determined by what happens or what others do or don’t do. Nor is unconditional Love based on one’s expectations of what one or another should or should not do. Unconditional Love has no expectations or conditions at all.  

Love wants nothing and lacks nothing.

Love does not seek itself, as if Love was separate or apart from anything that expresses in the Universe, as a Whole, and therefore needed to be found.

Love is the Realization of the Oneness and interconnectedness of All that IS.

Love is All and All and In All that IS.

                                                                                                                                                                     JC Tefft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                February, 2019

Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier