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“This is the best spiritual book that I have ever read in my life ... and I have read some deep ancient wisdom teachings.... This is definitely my new bible.... It sings the Song of Oneness Realization.... What it says: "There is only One Consciousness waking up, or evolving NOT MANY.... In truth we are not individual beings … but we are the expression of ONE BEING, inclusive of the totality of all that exists." If this is your spiritual vision, then this book will blow your mind.... Most importantly the book is filled with scriptures from all the ancient religions, including the bible ... revealing that they are all singing the same Song. The song is the incarnation of oneness ... the immaculate Incarnation, which is Christ as us. ~ I AM”     

                              - Amor Russell - Fellow Spiritual Seeker

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading this wonderful book. It has been like a “road to Emmaus” experience for me as the deeper truths of ancient scripture are set forth to the point that more light than ever before has illuminated my understanding. How I wish I'd read such a book many years ago. I can see that I'll be rereading it often with profit over the coming years.  I've been a student of Christian spirituality for fifty years, and have hundreds of books now on this subject. I can honestly say that none of them has spoken to me so clearly about the awesome truth of the Presence of the living Christ in each of us, as this book does. I highly recommend this work to all who are drawn to authentic spirituality. It is one of the best, most comprehensive books on this subject I’ve ever read.” 

                            - Peter Sumner - Editor of The Seer Internet Newsletter, Framantle, Western Australia

“This book is a must read for anyone seeking to better understand the underlying purpose of creation, life, and the evolution of the universe. J.C. presents a comprehensive, in-depth look into the evolution of consciousness from the beginning of time to today. In the process, he reconciles ancient teachings, as seen through the lens of the ancient mind, with contemporary spiritual teachings. What emerges is an insightful, holistic vision of an integrated universe that is constantly evolving; a vision that is just now coming to light through greater conscious awareness within mankind. I highly recommend this work." 

                         - Mick Quinn – Lecturer, Teacher, and Author of The Uncommon Path: Awakening Authentic Joy)

“J.C. Tefft has written the most comprehensive, insightful book I’ve ever read concerning the deeper truths of profound ancient scripture. I have never been drawn to orthodox religious beliefs and practices, but at the same time I’ve always found ancient scripture difficult to navigate. J.C. changed all that. His writing style and organization are eminently readable and understandable. In the past, I had completely missed many of the metaphysical meanings that are expressed in scripture, but not anymore. While J.C. demystifies ancient legend and myth, he simultaneously shines an abundance of light on the true meaning of ancient, spiritual teachings that are often overlooked and misunderstood. I genuinely believe that this book may well prove to be a watershed work for mankind. I can’t recommend it enough.” 

                         - N.K. Atkinson – Fellow Spiritual Seeker

“This is such an incredible book I hardly know where to begin. I’ve always sensed that there was more to the Bible and other ancient teachings than what is customarily taught from the Christian point of view and this book sets forth what that “more” truly is. Breathing new life into ancient teachings, the author makes them relevant once again in our own lives today. After separating the wheat from the chaff, he reveals with great clarity how consciousness is the motivating force behind all creation and how the process of evolution is leading us, as human beings, into a cosmic awareness of who we truly are and why we are here. He points out how all profound spiritual teachings are at their core, one and the same. Much like the enlightened masters of antiquity who spoke truth in their time, his words speak truth in our time, and that truth speaks directly to the spirit within. Truly a remarkable work, I highly recommend it to any and all, regardless of religious background or traditional system of belief.” 
                         - Cherie G. – Fellow Spiritual Seeker

"I recently finished this book and absolutely loved it. After reading JC's biography on his website I can unequivocally say that he accomplished what he set out to do, which was to reconcile mystical Christian beliefs with unexplained awakenings of living truth from within. I had read the book "Cosmic Consciousness" by Richard M. Bucke prior to reading "The Christ is NOT a Person" and couldn't help but notice the parallels, and was pleased to see that JC referred to Bucke's work in his book. I am 37 years old and have undergone some transformational experiences similar to those pointed to in these works, thus found this book eminently relevant and meaningful at this time. For anyone seeking to better understand the arising of pure conscious awareness from within, this is a book that I highly recommend." 

                         -Ernie MacManus --- South Dakota, USA

Reader Reviews:

“In recent times, the word evolution has become a loaded word. The ebb and flow of the ongoing debate centers primarily around two ideas; one a theory of evolution proffered by science; the other a theory of Creation derived from the church. The church believes that the theory of evolution undermines certain ancient pillars of church doctrine concerning the origins of Man and the universe. But scientists understand the evolutionary process better now than in the days of Darwin, and those who hold to beliefs established by the church nearly two thousand years ago would do well to do the same. There is nothing to fear about evolution one way or the other, but there is much that can be learned.”

​​“Regardless of occupation, religion, or geographic region in which one lives, one fact that is common to all humanity is the capacity to think. Whether rich or poor, white or black, Eastern or Western, educated or uneducated, humankind throughout the world are capable of thinking. Until recent times, Man’s capacity to think was the one ability that most distinguished him from the Animal. Unlike other species, this unique capability allowed Man to perform certain mental tasks that no other living creature could do. It allowed him, for example, to create his own world, if you will, through identification with images of mind and in doing so, he learned to cleverly outwit others by focusing the Energy of Life in certain ways."

​“The problem with thought is not thought itself, but the fact that we identify with thought to the exclusion of Truth. In so doing, we focus the Power of Life for the purpose of enriching and expanding self, thus this Power is used in inordinate and unintended ways. This is why Jesus said ‘a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven’ because the accumulation of riches, whether rich in knowledge or rich in possessions, is the outcome of highly charged self-centered activity. The Power of Life is not generated by self, but generated out of the Source of Creation and then usurped by self. Consequently, how the self interprets and consequently corrupts this Power is what matters most.”

​“Awakening unto Pure Consciousness does not come about through any effort on the part of humankind, but by the ongoing evolutionary work of the Holy Spirit, which is of God. Even so, each human expression either allows the process to unfold and thereby aid in its development or resists and avoids the flowering of Pure Awareness within by holding fast to the egocentric world, as conceived of Mind. This unfoldment tends to move in one of two ways. It either supports the evolution of Consciousness and thereby aids in its unfolding, or resists its coming and thereby shuts down on its development.” 

​“Awakening unto Pure Conscious Awareness is motivated by Love. But for Love to come forth, it must be allowed to unfold in and through Creation on its own terms, in its own way. In the case of humankind this means that we must ultimately recognize that identification with, and thereby attachments to, the world, as conceived of Mind is what prevents Love from expressing into the world through us - naturally, effortlessly, and spontaneously - absent identification with concepts of Mind." 

​“The Kingdom of Love and Peace is beyond thought, beyond Mind, and beyond time. When one with the One, we are Purely Aware, absent identification with concepts of Mind entirely. This is the Truth of Zen. This is Nirvana. This is the Tao. This is Brahmic Splendor. This is Eternal Bliss. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Promised Land. This is Paradise.”
“What we are faced with today … is a crisis of immense proportion, one that politicians, scientists, religious, and business leaders are incapable of solving of themselves. Political, economic, social, and religious reforms legislated from the halls of institutions bring about nothing more than superficial modifications to daily life. Such reforms fail to address what each of us brings to life every moment of every day within our minds and hearts, hence what we bring to life and allow to live within our individual and collective consciousness. Institutional reforms offer little, if anything, to enlighten or radically transform humankind in conscious awareness, which is the means by which enlightenment comes."

​“As we come to realize that the evolutionary process involves a Creative Spirit that evolves on the material plane, but is already "Whole" and "Intelligent" at all "levels" of expression then we begin to see that there is little contradiction between what scientists have learned and what ancient scripture reveals. To the contrary, when understood in this way, scientific discovery generally confirms what profound scripture says. Therefore, if we merge scientific knowledge with a clearer understanding of the deeper meaning of ancient scripture we occupy a better vantage point from which to ‘see.’ But, if instead we rely solely on literal interpretations of ancient doctrines and beliefs formed centuries before Copernicus and Galileo, when Man believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth and destiny was governed by the Stars, then we build a house on the eroding sands of time. Today, we have supplementary knowledge to help us better understand the purpose of Creation and the nature of the universe as a Whole and therefore better understand Man’s true purpose in the grand scheme of things.”

​“To live life in the Spirit of Wholeness, one must be transformed by to the Power of Pure Consciousness. The Power of Pure Consciousness does not enter into one’s experience as a result of pious belief or intellectual pursuits. Life in the Spirit does not come about through comparative thought or analysis, but is revealed as one opens to the Presence of Pure Consciousness, which is an order of Consciousness that is higher than self.”

“From Man’s perspective, enlightenment in the light of Truth is the end of a journey, yet there is no journey from the standpoint of Pure Consciousness, for Consciousness is already Absolute and Whole. Pure Consciousness is not on a journey, it just IS. The so-called ‘path’ to enlightenment, Nirvana, or the Kingdom of Heaven spoken of in days of old is nothing more, nor anything less than the realization of Truth, Light, Love, and true Being. And, as Jesus often pointed out, the Kingdom of Light and Love is found within, which is to say, within 'you' and within 'me.'”

“Enlightened Masters of old used dissimilar languages, parables, and metaphors to express the same cosmic reality. And without exception, they discovered this ‘new’ reality, which is true reality, by means of a radical transformation in conscious awareness within.”

​“The ending of sorrow does not come about through adherence to any system, method, ritual, or belief; nor is there an exclusive path to enlightenment. Sorrow ends at the moment there is a clear realization of Truth, a clear realization of what is – within you. To realize Truth, the mind must be free of any and all systems of belief, which is to be, as the Buddha put it, in the ‘highest state.’ This requires that no interpretation, no opinion, no idea, no belief, no ritual, and no judgment be in the way. It requires a mind that is free of all that. In that state of mind – the highest state – sorrow ends.”

Excerpts:  (Best read left paragraph to right paragraph, left column to right column and so on down the line)

For a brief summary of The Christ is NOT a Person click:  SUMMARY

     Why are we born? For what purpose are we here? The longer we remain unaware of what is flowering from within; of what drives us and what can liberate us from the bonds of egocentric behavior, the longer what the Buddha called the sorrow of life holds sway. The sorrow of life is the sum and consequence of strongly held attachments to the world, as conceived of Mind.
     The word Consciousness means more than what the Mind of self thinks, imagines or conceives. Awareness in Pure Consciousness is Awareness that is beyond concepts of Mind. Contrary to traditional thinking, the so-called unseen, unknown world is that which is other than concepts of Mind. Thus, "unawareness" in Consciousness is awakening unto a "Pure Awareness" in Consciousness that is beyond all manifestations of Mind.
     The author of this work comprehensively sets forth a meaning of ancient scripture that likely has not been advanced to you before. He demystifies ancient legends and myths, allowing the essential truth of ancient teachings to shine through. Using ancient scripture as a guide, JC insightfully explores the underlying truth of enlightened teachings expressed over the last few thousand years, noting that at their core, all profound teachings point to the same Reality; a Reality revealed through an Awakening process that is now occurring in humankind. 
     A must read for anyone looking to discover the deeper meaning of ancient scripture beyond a literal interpretation of the words.

Humankind is now awakening unto a "level" of Conscious Awareness that is beyond thought

by means of a process that has been manifesting as the Universe since time began.

Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick - President, University of Santa Monica, and co-author of Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology.

"I just finished the book. It took me a year, as I savored each page. Easily one of the MOST important books ever written."

- Eckhart Tolle - Author of The Power of NOW ​and A New Earth, and one of the leading spiritual teachers of our time.

"For those interested in an enlightened reading of the Bible, I highly recommend this book. It is an excellent work."


The Evolution of Consciousness and the Destiny of Man
A Guide to an Enlightened Understanding of Ancient Scripture from Around the World
The Christ is NOT a Person

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