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          - You are seeking to better understand the deeper meaning of ancient scripture.
          - You are seeking to better understand the true nature of Man and the Universe.
          - You are seeking to better understand the evolution of Consciousness.
          - You are seeking to better understand how the mind of self works. 
          - You are seeking to come into a greater Awareness of who you really are and why you are here.  

Author JC Tefft offers a fresh, contemporary look at a meaning of ancient scripture that likely has not been advanced to you before. While demystifying ancient legends and myths, JC probes into deeper meanings that go well beyond a literal interpretation of the words. He re-examines what ancient scripture might really have to say concerning mankind's true purpose in life, absent the legends and myths that have clouded the message for so long. He sheds new light on the true nature of the evolution of Consciousness, particularly as regards the attainment of enlightenment, the Tao, Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven, or Pure Consciousness, whichever name you prefer. Regardless of terminology, all point to the same cosmic reality. 

The author points out that profound spiritual teachings, whether ancient or new, are at their core, one and the same. They all point to a radical transformation in conscious awareness as the means by which one rises above self and goes beyond thought. A new, higher level of Awareness in Consciousness is just now emerging within Man, and Man alone, by means of an evolutionary process that has been unfolding within the universe since time began. 

According to recorded history, Man's capacity to realize Pure Awareness in Consciousness first came to light about twenty-six hundred years ago through at least two enlightened sages that we know of — the Buddha in India and Lao Tzu in China — though there were likely others, as well. This new level of Awareness that is presently emerging within Man is so new in terms of evolutionary time that it is just now struggling to gain a foothold within humankind. This partially explains why a majority of human beings, even today, are barely aware of the Presence of greater Awareness, or if so, are aware of it in more limited ways, as if a low light flickering. There are a few, however — the Buddha being one, Lao-Tzu another, and Jesus yet another in ancient times — in whom this new capability fully matured, flowered, and bore fruit. In effect, in such instances, a new human race is now being born into Pure Conscious Awareness here on Earth. 

The word Consciousness in its totality, means more than what the mind of self thinks, imagines, and conceives. Awareness in Pure Consciousness is an Awareness that is above and beyond the confines of self. Contrary to traditional thinking, the so-called unseen, unknown world that is beyond self is nothing more than Consciousness of which the self is unaware. Unawareness in Consciousness has been evolving into Awareness in Consciousness since the Universe began.
Pure Awareness is not an expansion of conceptual awareness in self, but is a wholly different reality from that which is generated out of self. Pure Awareness is of a higher order than self-conscious thinking. Pure Awareness is as distinct from self-awareness, which is rooted in thought, as self-awareness is distinct from the simple-awareness of the Animal. Just as an animal born into the world of animal-consciousness cannot enter into self-conscious thinking, so also humans cannot think or reason their way into Pure Awareness. For this reason, it is impossible to communicate the living Truth of Pure Awareness by means of words, concepts, or ideas. Realities in Pure Awareness can no more be explained to the intellect than the intellect can explain finite thinking to a horse. Even so, all levels of conscious awareness are unalterably integrated and therefore dependent upon the other. Enlightened beings speak of this integrated, interdependent reality in terms of the Oneness of the Universe, or the Wholeness of Creation. 

Over the past several thousand years, an ever-growing number of people are beginning to experience ever-greater degrees of liberation from bondage to the world of self, as Pure Awareness awakens within them. Realizations in Pure Consciousness occur most often when the self is rightly aligned (or in righteousness, to use the Biblical term) with the Presence of the Holy Spirit (or Pure Consciousness, to use a modern-day term) and thereby responsive to, and in service to the Power of the Creative Spirit. In other words, as matter comes into greater Awareness of the Whole, it likewise comes into greater service to God. What we call God is not a Supernatural Deity who meddles in human affairs, but is the Whole of Creation or ALL that is. This Whole is inclusive of the outer and inner, the seen and unseen, and the Aware and unaware. In other words, God is ALL that is, and ALL that is not; or yet again, God is the ALL and ALL and IN ALL of what is. 

From Man's perspective, as Awareness evolves, human beings experience an inner transformation from a more limited awareness in self, which is rooted in thought, into a higher level of Awareness that is other than thought. In evolutionary terms, this transformation from the world of self-awareness into an other-than-worldly Pure Awareness might be likened to when a butterfly leaves its cocoon. This evolutionary transformation from one "level" of Awareness to the next is what is pointed to in pertinent parts of profound ancient scripture. In the Bible, for instance, examples of the earliest flowering of self-conscious thinking are presented by means of certain stories that are included within the first five books of the Old Testament. An ongoing unfolding of ever-greater conscious Awareness is then progressively revealed, with ever-greater depth and insight, through certain writings that follow, leading up to and through the transformation of the man, Jesus, into Christ Jesus, a fully transformed human being in Pure Consciousness.
Similarly, about five hundred years before Jesus' time, a man named Siddhartha Gautama, after years of wandering in the wilderness, sat beneath a Bodhi tree vowing never again to arise until he found Ultimate Truth. After remaining there in a meditative state for forty-nine days, enlightenment finally came and when it came, it came suddenly, much like when Jesus 'went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him.' Siddhartha was likewise transformed into the Buddha, the enlightened one. For as Jesus noted centuries later, 'Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.' 

The Christ is Not a Person explores the evolution of Consciousness, primarily as revealed in Biblical scripture, yet the Bible is only one of many, ancient texts from around the world that have stood the test of time. In ancient times, as Awareness in Consciousness evolved, it naturally occurred across cultural lines within societies that were not necessarily privy to the teachings of other enlightened beings in other cultures of their day. Consequently, the diverse scriptures that arose over time, though appearing outwardly dissimilar depending on which culture gave rise to them, in their essence share the same core message. What that message truly is, and what it means for us today, is carefully and comprehensively explored and set forth in the pages of this book.

The Evolution of Consciousness and the Destiny of Man
A Guide to an Enlightened Understanding of Ancient Scripture from Around the World
The Christ is NOT a Person

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